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Turning air into

Our mission

Farmless was founded to free food production from animals and agricultural land.

Our story

In 2017, our fermer-in-chief Adnan asked himself the question: which important problem is no one solving? His answer after three years of research: a food system which can operate independent from sunlight and agricultural land. He envisioned a world with — you guessed it — less farms and more nature. A world where we give back the land we borrowed from nature, to rewild back our planet. And a food system that can create food on a limited amount of land, that does not even have to be agricultural. Such a system will lead to the most cost-effective way to reach gigaton carbon drawdown through nature and trees. Efficient food production is crucial if we want to reverse centuries of agricultural sprawl and reforest the world in our lifetime.

The way to achieve this, he realised, is to turn away from the macroscopic mess which is modern farming and turn to the world of microscopic magnificence. In other words: coupling fermentation with renewable energy and decoupling food production from agricultural land.

Since this insight, Farmless has grown into a team of committed fermers who are working hard on bringing tasty food to your table.

Creating a future worth getting excited about

The team behind the science

Dr. Marko Kuijper

Process development specialist

Dr. Ana Maria Zetty

Fermentation scientist

Dr. Wan Qing Jia

Food scientist

Dr. Maria Cuellar-Soares

R&D Strategy

Thomas Roersma

Fermentation scientist


Process development specialist

Pepijn Vloemans

Head of communication & public affairs

Adnan Oner

Founder & CEO

Our advisors

Dr. Nico Claassens
Wageningen University

Expert in efficient microbial protein pathways and metabolic engineering.

Nigel Baldwin

Expert on regulatory strategy. Worked on >80 food ingredient approvals.

Dr. Carel Smit
Director of IP at Formo

Expert on IP strategy.

Dr. Julia Keppler
Wageningen University

Expertise in functional properties of food.

Dr. Ron Shigeta

Co-founder IndieBio.

Gregory M. Bernstein

Expertise on funding strategy and go-to market.

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“Embrace what may be the most important green technology ever. It could save us all.”
George Monbiot, The Guardian
"We're excited by the Farmless approach to fermentation."
Lauren Lentz, Revent